Fitness Manager

Fitness Manager

Daily Responsibilities:

  • Conduct Fitness Assessments/Onboarding for all new members
  • Influence new and existing members to commit to Paid in Full or Monthly training programs
  • Make 50 follow-up calls related to new production opportunities
  • Conduct phone calls influencing increase of appointments with prospective PT clients
  • Demonstrate a high level of Customer Service to enhance the experience of members
  • Manage PT sales staff and personal training schedules
  • Represent Gold's Gym brand and fitness at all times
  • Set, prepare and confirm New Member non client Appointments

Monthly Expectations:

  • Meet minimum threshold for Personal Training Goals (department must sell approximately 20-30 PT programs/month)
  • Regularly follow up with and retain current PT clients
  • Recruit, discipline, develop and lead Personal Trainers and PT sales staff
  • Assist membership production opportunities with PT referrals
  • Participate in mandatory company meetings and conference calls
  • Participate in and/or organize community events to market the Gold's Gym Personal Training product


  • 2 years or more of professional experience in the Fitness Industry and/or self-managed, commission-driven sales positions
  • Excellent communication, customer service and salesmanship ability
  • Organizational and basic computer software skills/experience (Microsoft and Google products)
  • Previous experience in relative sales manager position preferable.