Food Runner

Food Runners are vital to providing the Nando’s experience. Food Runners ensure that food reaches the correct guest in a timely manner. Food Runners transport food orders from the kitchen to the appropriate table and announce the food to the guest. Food Runners keep a smile on their face while they clean, set and re-set tables continuously, assuming responsibility for station, tables and side duties. Runners work with our team to exceed our guests’ expectations and to provide the Nando’s experience.

Essential Functions
  • Transport food orders from the kitchen to the appropriate table.
  • Review order before delivery to ensure accuracy.
  • Announce dishes while serving, notifying guests of any hot plates. Place dishes in front of guest or in the center of table when sharing.
  • Serve appropriate condiments and silver with menu items.
  • Check back after 2 minutes of delivering food to ensure customer is enjoying the meal.
  • Offer dessert, coffee, wine and other items tableside.
  • Anticipate guest needs and respond to guest requests with professionalism and a sense of urgency.
  • Remove dirty or unused silver or china.
  • Maintain adequate supplies of items such as napkins, silverware, glassware and dishes. Maintain beverage station and soda boxes.
  • Set up dining room and patio to standard.
  • Must be able to speak clearly and understand basic English to facilitate the communication process.
  • Knowledge of appropriate table settings and service ware.
  • General knowledge of menu items and service procedures.
  • Ability to take direction and to work in a team environment.
  • Ability to work calmly and effectively under pressure.
  • Ability to accurately recall of table numbers.
  • This position will spend 100% of the time standing, walking and climbing stairs with food items and dishes.